Sunday, March 11, 2012

Try Something New Today - I Did!

Wow... Big doings over here. I'm taking the BIG painting workshop on-line. This is week one and I finished my first gigantic (for me) mixed media painting today., you are not going to see it. That's not the point of the workshop, The point is process, now product and that's good because the product looks like the first.

Yesterday, I set up a studio of sorts on the glassed-in porch. I haven't really needed a studio before since I usually produce 6 by 9 inch pen and ink drawings. So to paint at 35 inch sizes means I had to clear out some space. That done, this morning it took me quite a while to really put that first bit of paint on paper. I procrastinated quite a while getting everything set up just so. Fear... I think it was feat, but I talked my way out of being afraid of the paper, afraid of the paint. 

Today's painting... if I had to name it: Garden Covered by Mudslide.  Ha!  but the process is the point!

Have a great day.... Trying something new!