Thursday, September 22, 2011

What do you do with your insomnia?

Bugsy: Chief Organizer... ha!

Obviously, you can tell from the time stamped on this blog post that I pull myself out of bed and get a little work done when I have insomnia. This may or may not be the best way to get back to sleep. I figure it's better than stewing about not sleeping. Whatever works....right?

During this particularly insomnia, I started thinking of all my writing and art and quilting projects I've started and how to organize myself once again to finish them. Isn't it just a bit frustrating that the very minute we get ourselves totally organized is the very minute disorganization starts again. Hey... I've decided to just accept that. It's part of creativity. Right now is a particularly disorganized period, so I'll use this insomnia to straighten my desk and put everything in some semblance of order.

What do you do when you have insomnia...?

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Buttons said...

I mostly sit at my kitchen table and write. I may never use the story but it seems to help by getting it out. B