Sunday, May 8, 2011

A blank piece of paper is a blank piece of paper, isn't it?

To me, a blank piece of paper is just a blank piece of paper. At least, that's what I thought until I started sketching.

As a writer of many years, it's been a long time since a blank piece of paper intimidated me. In fact, I find it inviting to have a clean slate in front of me. Yes, in my writing world, a blank piece of paper means a new article or a new story. I'm used to happily filling up the page with words

But, a blank piece of paper takes on new meaning and stirs up great anxiety when my task is to fill it with sketches. Yikes.

I have been doodling all my life, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to take some classes and see if I can't turn some of those doodles into drawings. Now when I am faced with a blank piece of paper, I panic.... My palms sweat and I have to talk myself into putting the pencil anywhere close to the paper. I wonder if I felt that way when I first started writing. I can't remember.

Thinking that practice will make perfect, I've started taking every opportunity to sketch what's before me. I must admit that the more I do it, the easier it has become. Note that I said "easier" not "easy."

It'll be quite a while before I look at a blank piece of art paper in the same easy manner as I look at a blank page in my journal or a blank screen before starting a new story. Real panic will set in however if I ever decide to show my work to others... Can't imagine doing that on any large scale.


Fresh Garden said...

No worries, my friend. Just relax, relax.....
Relaxation and Inspiration are brothers, remember?
I wish you all the best!

Jeff King said...

I’m with you on the aspect of writing… since I am a writer, but I can’t offer any advice when it comes to painting/drawing. I would say think about your approach to writing and try to get into that creative side when you’re preparing to draw. Think about character, or scenes or even items in your fictitious work that might help spawn drawing ideas. Since you have no problem creating world during writing, use that to inspire the other side of you.

Best of luck…

Cindy Michaud said...

good for you!!