Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making it Look Easy

The best of the best make it look so easy, but it's not. I've stood beside patrons at art openings and heard them murmur to each other, "I could do that." And, I've heard clients say that they write much better than the best. It might be so, but I bet not.

The reason we make these statements is that these acclaimed artists and writers are so practiced, are so good, and have mastered their crafts to such an extent that they make it look effortless. They have that delicate touch with their craft that makes us just want to lean into the piece of art or savor the words as they flow from left to right on the page. We might attain that, but for me anyway, it's not easy.

Some writers say that they don't have to edit and they don't have to re-write. Are you kidding me? Does it really come out of their brains that easily? When I read statements such as that, it makes me wonder why I need to work so hard at it. Then I remember, maybe I'm just in an earlier stage of my writing. Maybe all this practice will lead to effortless prose that will make people say, "I could write that."

Keep writing!


Jeff King said...

Amen to that!!!
It is hard, every hard… I am sure it will get easier, (hopefully) after years of writing, but I am sure it will always be work.
I hope someday I can see my work for a stranger’s point of view… I can’t see past what I know is coming, or what I meant to say, rather than what’s on the page.

The more I learn; the more I feel over whelmed—one day I’ll be able to close my WIP and know I did it the best I could. When that day comes, I’ll feel like a king... at least for one day.

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