Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

Writer's Creative Studio received the Stylish Blog Award a few days ago. It was awarded by Glynis Smy. Thanks so much. It was a most pleasant surpirse. She has a wonderful blog. Stop by to visit her... click here.

As part of the process, I am to tell you 7 things about myself ... Here goes.

1. I'm a writer and photographer.
2. I have 5 blogs. Two are about writing. This one is where I talk about my writing. The other is called Florida Book News and is aimed at the book world of Florida and beyond.
3. I also have a blog for my photos. I've shamelessley neglected that one lately.
4. Another blog (Brevard Art News) is to help keep people informed about art events and opportunities in Brevard, Florida.
5. The fifth blog is MaxtheQuiltCat.com. It is a blog dedicated to Max (a cat) and his nephews, Bugsy and Knuckles.
6. I wrote a book about Max. The Zen of Max (a memoir of great wisdom and many naps). It contains the story of friendship and lessons learned from that friendship.
7. I am taking art lessons. Don't know if I'll ever do much more than use the creations for crude illustrations of my writing, but I'm enjoying it.

Thanks so much to Glynis for thinking enough of my blog to send this award. Have a great day.


Mariodacat said...

Was great learning more about you too.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I have no clue how you keep up with FIVE, (count 'em) FIVE blogs WOMAN!

You deserve that award FIVE TIME OVER!!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your award.

Jeff King said...

Thx for sharing...

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