Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are you gearing up for ebooks? What do you think about what's happening to the book industry?

I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love turning pages. I love the paper and I even like reading certain books better because the paper feels a certain way and the size of the book is just right. I am truly a fan of books.

So, here's an article about Borders... Barnes and Noble received similar press a while back. The signs are all there telling us that ebooks are the future... Have you looked into it for your publishing? What do you think about this transition...?

I'm going to leave the era of books kicking and screaming... That's for sure.

Hug a book today!


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

"I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love turning pages. I love the paper and I even like reading certain books better because the paper feels a certain way and the size of the book is just right. I am truly a fan of books."

you are NOT going to believe this but the SECOND I saw the title of your blog posting I was THINKING (before I saw it) what you wrote in the first sentence.
My sentiments EXACTLY...
I live in Michigan which is the location of Borders headquarters...we had a HUGE Borders right next door to us (literally across the parking lot), it was my husbands hang out!
They just closed last week. My husband was practically in tears as they moved everything out.
As for Borders I think through the years their customer service went steadily downhill. They used to be the best, Barnes & Noble rapidly passed them by. They got rid of the coffee area in our former Borders and that was the beginning of the end.
They chased my husband down the street for reading a newspaper in their store (because he didn't fold it properly when he was leaving, this happened last summer)...we stopped shopping at Borders then and there (trust me, my husband is a voracious reader and we spent A LOT of money there)
I hate ebooks, I have no desire or use for them...they only benefit I see to them is for travel.
I too "am going to leave the era of books kicking and screaming"....that goes for newspapers as well. Sooooo sad!

Mariodacat said...

Mario's mom here- I'm with you 100%. Love the feel of abook in my hands. It will be a sad day when all the book stores close down. We don't have Borders here, but we do have Barnes/Noble. I love going there and just taking my time leafing through a book. I still read the old fashioned newspaper too - it's more relaxing that sitting at the computer staring at a screen. An E-book would probably be nice for travel, but that's the only time I would even consider one. Too expensive to use just for travel a few times in a lifetime.

Jeff King said...

I will always by a book, in my mind it can never be replaced. EBooks will never be my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy curling up on the couch with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book. I will always enjoy reading books, but I would also like to have an ereader, because it would make it easier for me to take books with me. I think there is enough room in the world for both print books and ebooks. It is just one more option for writers to get their writing into the hands of readers.

Shakespeare said...

I just can't do e-books. I need to feel the paper, to turn the pages. It's part of the experience for me.

That's why I own an ancient piano, and not a synthesizer. I like to smell the dust and old wood when I play, even if it means one of the pedals doesn't work and I have to pay to tune it once a year. It's worth it, for the overall experience is incomparable.

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