Thursday, December 2, 2010

Better Writing - Finding Solutions

Sometimes there is no perfect answer. You just go with the most logical solution and hope for the best. ~~ Max the Quilt Cat
At times, I search and search for just the right word or the right action for my characters and nothing comes. I used to spin my wheels and devote way too much time to looking for the absolute right solution.

In life, I have found that this quote often helps in many situations, not just in writing. Logic plays a huge role in our lives. In other words, don't worry yourself into a corner. Just ...go with the most logical solution and hope for the best. Often, that relieves the log jam in your brain.


Dominic de Mattos said...

There's a perfect answer?
ooooo, I never knew!!
No, seriously, I'm convinced that perfection does not exist this side of eternity, so your quote really hits the mark.
It is a relief sometimes to remember that my best really is good enough.
Thanks for sharing

Gail said...

Great thought!

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

That is indeed what I do. If something comes to me after and I haven't published the post yet, I sometimes change it.. otherwise... I go with my first thought.

Shakespeare said...

I always remind myself that, with writing, I can always revise. Then I have license to go in the wrong direction without really harming anything.

Jeff King said...

I often find it’s not the word but how I use it... the only way to get better is keep writing and revising.

Thx for sharing.