Monday, June 14, 2010

Share the best...

Let every man take care how he talks, or how he writes of other men and not set down at random, higgle-de-piggledy, whatever comes into his noddle. --Cervantes
Stream of consciousness works for some, but just letting your brain spill onto paper is usually only good as an exercise. At times you can use it to get in touch with your creativity.

Save those writings for your eyes only. The writings you publish are the carefully crafted ones. My less than elegant saying is... Share the best. Save the rest.

Have a great day.


Milton said...

Lou, Muttie got your book thro Amazon today. She's got a new client - a property guy - and she wants to impress him. She reckons your book will do it. She followed all the steps and...hey presto...the Luddite managed it!! Hooray to you!

Milt (who's hoping stupid Muttie will earn extra cash and buy him more Dreamies - an extra special cat treat) x

Lou Belcher said...

Thanks Milt... and thanks to Muttie!!