Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LIfe... Punch it up a bit before you write about it

What is it with these reality shows on TV? Why do TV executives think we'd be interested in watching the weekly or daily lives of real-life people? Don't we read thrillers and suspense novels to spice things up a bit?

Real life can be boring and tedious at times, and I'm here to say that reality TV captures the ennui of it all beautifully.... Snooze is my rating on all of it.

When and if I watch TV, I want to see a bit of action. I can't remember the last time I jumped from one rooftop to another, but that doesn't mean I don't want to see that kind of action on TV or read about it in a novel.

Reality is over-rated. I mean, film me any morning of my life and the only action you'll see is the movement of my fingers over the keys as I'm working on my current book. I can't imagine anyone wanting to witness that, but to me it's exciting. It's all in my head and I'm having a good time.

So, it doesn't hurt my feelings that you don't want to film me writing. Likewise, it shouldn't hurt these "wannabe TV stars" that I don't want to watch them meander through their boring lives...

My advice--when you're writing, don't shoot for that kind of reality. Instead, punch it up a bit.

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Mason Canyon said...

I rarely watch TV anymore because there's a reality show on almost all the time. I watch TV to get away from reality, not see more.

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