Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Setting Social Media Marketing Goals

Social media marketing takes time. There are a vast number of places where you can concentrate your efforts. Before you start marketing, identify what you can do and what you want to accomplish.

It's good to set goals before you start. Here are some tips on how to go about setting goals that will guide you in your marketing.

1. Write concrete goals that are easy to quantify. For example, instead of making "I want to become famous" as your goal, define what fame means to you. If you're an author, fame might mean that you sell a certain number of books, or fame might mean that you have a certain number of fans, or fame might mean that you are invited to a certain number of book signings. Whatever your goal, have it something you can quantify.

2. Write goals that are attainable. You will avoid discouragement if you set realistic goals for your social media marketing. If you determine that you want to write a blog that immediately goes viral, you will be disappointed. Instead, if you set a goal that you will add 10 followers to your blog every month, you can quantify that and it is attainable. Success or the feeling of success is important to keep the juices flowing.

3. Once you attain a goal, write another. If you attained your goal of adding 10 followers to your blog or selling 10 books or acquiring 10 new clients per month, set another goal. Because goals guide your activities, it is important to set new ones when you attain the old ones.

4. Start each work day by reviewing your goals. This process will center your concentration on what is important to your business and to your social marketing. Let's say your goals are to write a blog post daily, make comments to ten other blogs daily, find three new blogs that relate to your topic daily, and summarize your progress daily. By reviewing these at the start of the day, you will not get sidetracked from these activities. After all, the computer can eat up a lot of time, so you want to use that time wisely.

Keep your social media marketing fresh by revising goals that aren't working for you and implementing new ones that follow the trends in marketing.


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