Monday, April 19, 2010

Mixing it up ... Marketing your book

I guess we all know that the old style of book marketing is out. That print ads and book signings do not produce the sales that they used to.

I went to a talk by Bethany Brown from The Cadence Group this past Saturday and she confirmed that I'm on the right track with my marketing, but she added so much more to my To Do list and helped me organize my direction.

I'll be passing along a little of what I'm doing in my blog. I've talked for a long time about writing fiction and non-fiction. Now, I'll be interspersing posts about my adventures in marketing my book and what works and what doesn't. Maybe through the comments section, you'll feel free to share some of your successes and failures as well.

To start. You should always mention that you are the author of.... Putting that below your signature on emails is a start.

So, today, my assignment to myself is to go to my email accounts and add Author of Ready...Set...Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter to my signatures. And don't forget to link it to where readers can purchase the books. I'm going to make it easy for people to buy my book ... that's the least I can do.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Thanks for that, Lou, an excellent idea. I'm off to a conference on marketing this week with the local group Women in Rural Enterprise, but unfortunately I don't keep bees, make cake, cider, or run a farm... never mind, there might be something during the day that might help!

Milton said...

Sounds good! Muttie is a journalist who's recently returned to freelance writing after eight years in public relations and can't believe how much the market has changed!! ie the jobs she's got recently are for on-line sites or as a blogger. All the ads these days are for New Media reporters or Bloggers. Print journalism no longer exists, it seems. Everything influential is in the ether...

Milt x

Lou Belcher said...

Yes Milton: On line seems to have taken over the print industry. Newspapers over here are much smaller than they were. Marketing is going the same way. Much less on paper and much more on line.

Thanks to both of you for your comments.


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