Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post-Holiday Writing Slump -- Get Going

So often I write about writing techniques and how to put your ideas together. I rarely write about how to pull yourself out of a slump.

I usually experience some sort of slump in January. The holidays are over, the weather turns bad, and I just want to stare at the walls until life seems to brighten.

No more of that. This year I'm going to have a productive January. I'm not going to see February 1st and wonder where January went. So, here's how I plan to do that....

1. I'm going to make a list of writing projects and put them in order of execution.

2. I'm going to pull out the first on the list and do a little on it each morning. The others on the list are up for grabs. I can work on them any time I want. That turns them into a reward (a trick I play on my motivation).

3. I'm going to move around more during the month. This may sound silly, but I sit more in January than in any other month. It's a known fact that if you move more, you will be more creative. It stirs the blood and makes your brain function better.


4. I'm going to allow myself some recreational writing... you know, writing that doesn't count. Artists sketch and doodle all over every piece of paper. Writers should allow themselves the same option.

That's it. That's my plan.

How about you? How do you plan to avoid that post-holiday writing slump? Leave a comment.


Judy said...

I am going to follow your advice.

Actually, November is my worst month, but I made it through it last year pretty well, and actually STARTED writing again then. But you are right--I have not written much since Christmas after having been doing so well, so I will get back to it right now. Thanks for the push.

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