Monday, December 21, 2009

Twitter and Your Blog: an Overview

Many times people put up blogs but never catch on to how to attract people to it to read their wonderful posts. One way to attract people to your blog is to write interesting and entertaining posts that people will want to read. Even at that, you may not attract a crowd if you don't first attract a few followers to spread the word.

Twitter will help you spread the word. So, go to and set up an account. The sign-in process is easy. Once you're there, set up your Profile page. If your Twitter site is mainly to announce what's going on at your blog, you may want to name your Twitter site the same as your blog.

Be sure to fill in the URL from your blog on the Settings page, so it will show up on your Profile page and people will be able to click to it. An additional option is to name the Twitter page after yourself, so you can use it for more than one topic.

Once you have your Twitter page set up, spend a couple hours searching for and finding people to follow who are interested in your topic and who might be interested in following you. Follow them. Devise four or five tweets and tweet to your new followers.

Here's a brief skinny on tweeting. The biggest mistake people make when they start on Twitter is they tweet only about themselves. Be generous with your tweets. Treat it as a communication system where you respond to other tweets as well as send out tweets about your topic.

Watch for more posts about Twitter in the future...