Monday, January 14, 2008

"Give Them the Farm"

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I grabbed my camera gear and headed for the country roads. My intent? To find a barn -- preferably a dilapidated one.

I'd been invited to participate in an exhibit at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, Florida. The theme of the exhibit is "Give Them the Farm." The intention of the exhibit is to raise funds for World Vision. In other words, we are hoping to literally buy a farm-load of animals with the proceeds from the exhibit sales.

Is it a sign of the times that all the farms have locked gates on their long driveways? Not only could I not get close enough to any of the farmhouses to see if they had barns, but I couldn't get through the locked gates to ask permission to photograph any other "farmy" type scenes.

Just when I was about to despair, I rode past a beautiful stand of trees with a herd of happy, healthy, multi-colored cows standing under it. Ta-da, I'd found my shot.

Energized by my discovery, I drove past them and turned around at the first crossroad I came to. Slowly, I drove back to the cows. What a scene. They were right by the fence. The proximity couldn't be better. So, I pulled off the road and quickly bent over the passenger seat to retrieve my camera.

Alas and the time I looked up, the cows were fleeing. To my horror, they were a good 100 yards away and moving fast. Not to be defeated, I jumped from the car and raised my camera. I started shooting as I called out for them to stop.

The result: The Fleeing Cows of 441 (my photograph for the exhibit).
In addition, I took the two photos pictured here. They are: at the top of the page is The Leader of the Fleeing Cows of 441, and below is A Field Made for Fleeing.

To see The Fleeing Cows of 441, stop by the exhibit during February. The exhibit opening is February 1st and the public is welcome.

In summary, here's to the cows of 441. May they rest easy knowing the crazy lady with the camera has moved on to other photography subjects.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year -- New Beginnings

Happy New Year

I sat down to write something ever-so-meaningful on the start of this new year and realized that a sunrise expresses thoughts of new beginnings much better than words.

Enjoy 2008.